Download Towelroot APK To Get Your Device Rooted

Some details can influence the time of rooting our device such as version, model, brand, etc. Motorola manufactures devices with bootloader locked, precluding any method to root the device, which means, you must get your hands dirty by unlocking the bootloader manually.

Towelroot-APK (1).jpg

Suppose, your device does not have bootloader locked, then, you will have to test one or more methods to release root into branded models. Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you could root android without computer or PC or worrying about any of this? Let’s see how you could make use of Towelroot APK for Android to root your device.

Download Towelroot APK To Root Your Android Phone

What Is Towelroot?

The answer is, Towelroot. With Towelroot, there is no question marks but a direct “Stairway to Heaven.” It is a universal root unblocking app. Towelroot allows performing the root process quite simply on several Android smartphones. It was created in 2010 by famous hacker George Francis Hotz AKA Geohot.

At first, the challenge of creating a root tool became something more appealing after XDA members raised more than $18,000 to give anyone who could root Galaxy S5 from AT&T & Verizon. The tool is based on a vulnerability in the Linux kernel is already known and fixed on desktops but continues to remain on Android, providing an opportunity to the developers.

What is root?

Rooting your device, means you become a “Superuser” or “System Administrator.” Which basically means, having permissions to those parts of Android that were once inaccessible to you as a regular user.

Thus, it is possible to make changes to the operating system, such as changing battery power, modifying the processor clock, deleting default apps that came installed in the system and you cannot simply uninstall, such as the bloatware built into the system by the manufacturer, or the applications installed by the operator. The problem with this, however, is that all important system files are completely exposed and can even be deleted, which can render the device unusable. The root process is also not immune to crashes.

Download Towelroot APK

The procedure consists of downloading the Towelroot app from the official website and installing it on your device. Because it is a root application, it is normal for it to be detected as malware. It’s official apk, no need to panic!

Download Towelroot APK

Install towel root on your device
Start the TowelRoot application, and then the following screen will be displayed.
Towelroot APK
Towelroot APK
Click “Make It Ra1n“
Your device will restart.
Just after starting the Root Checker app, test to see if your smartphone has been successfully rooted. Importantly, make sure your settings allow installation from trusted sources only! After you are sure, install SuperUser to grant/deny permissions to software seeking root access.

It is worth noting that, from the point of view of the root enthusiast, to have more freedom on the platform, the news is excellent. From the point of view of security, not so much. Because it is so simple to apply, Towelroot can be distributed with other malicious apps. Root makes the power of malware virtually unlimited on the system. You can also give a shot to other one-click rooting apps like Framaroot, Universal Androot, Baidu root, and iRoot.


The hacker, who also who got into trouble with Sony for running Linux on PlayStation 3 and also for creating an iPhone jailbreak tool in 2010, says that Towelroot should work with any device with Android 4.4.2 or lower. The most recent devices won’t be spared either, Samsung, LG, and several others. Every user has the right to control their phones, not developers.

Perhaps this is the greatest fear of those who are in doubt whether or not they should root their devices. When you perform rooting on any Android device, you are automatically voiding your device warranty. But it will be worth the price. Root is a must.


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